Damoon Palayesh Giti

Damoon Palayesh Giti (private joint-stock company), located in Mahshar Petrochemical Special Economic Zone, is a driving project slated to produce benzene and toluene. Authorized by the National Petrochemical Co. (NPC), the project comprises 5 main units which are hydrogenation, extractive distillation, purification, storage tanks, utility & offsite. Its production slate are benzene, toluene, gasoline and fuel oil. Damoon will consume 80,000 t/y of pyrolysis gasoline as feed.

Local Iranian companies developed and granted the project’s license and carried out its basic engineering. Geotechnical and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies have already been conducted while land extraction, piling and compaction work for an area of 1.7 hectares as well as fencing of the site have also been completed.

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